Monday, June 18, 2012

how does your garden grow?

Ours is well on it's way. We have been enjoying a cherry tomato here and there... plenty of basil and squash... and the beans are about to start really kicking!

We have spent a good bit of time in our garden getting ready for our tiny informal community garden tour... it is always nice to have a reason to get everything tended to and looking nice at the same time. I think everyone was here to see the chickens, but we used it as a reason to tidy up all the spaces in our yard.

The garden path was weeded and mulched.

Our gorgeous Snowflake hydrangea only needed to be told how absolutely beautiful she is!

The hosta hill was weeded and tucked into a fresh bed of pine straw.

Our work in progress waited patiently until the tour was over and then we finished framing two more walls...this little playhouse is swiftly becoming a reality (and a berry juice restaurant -- there are wild blackberries growing behind it and Elisha has been smushing them and dropping them into water to serve us ;-)

This lovely blue hydrangea was also happy to just look lovely with no help from us... it is no wonder I love a hydrangeas so!

My lambs wool is also doing just fine on her own thank you very much...and has received glowing reports on her children ( I have divided and shared from this huge thriving plant with great success).

This was the biggest ordeal we tackled lately. I do not like heights. My husband does not like heights. However, we spent a good bit of time on friday at the top of a tall ladder and hanging out of the upstairs window getting this Lady Banks rose tamed. I kept asking myself if it was worth it. I have a feeling that come next March when it is in glorious full, fragrant bloom I will be so glad that we went to the trouble.

We have enjoyed being the token youngsters in our community garden... and it was great fun to introduce them to Baby Princess and share some sweet tea and deviled backyard eggs.

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Christy said...

Love your garden setup! I need to change mine up for next year. So glad for a successful garden tour. :-)