Monday, December 31, 2007

more updates from the past few months

i thought i would add some more pictures from our holiday's etc. i tried to post one in the previous post but it didn't do what i was hoping... but i couldn't figure out how to delete it.... so now its kind of like a where's waldo. maybe i'll leave a few more hanging around. it's kind of fun-- click on the tiny dot and find a hidden pic! the one hidden below is my hub on a walk through the woods bonding w/ little e... i think it is worth looking for ;-)

if i can figure out to comment on the others i post i will... otherwise-- you can simply enjoy images.

(i'm sorry for my technical deficiencies... i have spent my life caring a lot more about making mudpies -- teapots, doll clothes -- baby clothes... lots of things other than typing and computer skills! i feel like it is too late to make up for lost time... i'm doing the best i can w/ the time i've got)

end of the year 2007

i'm not very good @ this blogging business! i guess between parenting my little one and creating i don't have much time for things like this.

i have been very busy making christmas happen at my house - handmade christmas cards and biscotti... decorating the tree... making the best christmas music mix ever! ... oh yeah- and getting the plague! an evil stomach virus that attacked the whole family @ once... just before our marathon holiday travel.

on the bright side- i will try to post our chistmas card pic... enjoy!