Friday, May 28, 2010

happy birthday to my big boy!

isn't three so old! elisha is such a charming three year old... i could tell that he wanted to act like a three year old... which to him meant saying "ok mama" when i told him to do something he would normally fuss about. he pointed out how he wasn't fussing... how he was being a big boy... it was so pleasant... for the 3 minutes that that game lasted ;-)
he is such a sweet, fun, funny little person. we feel heavily blessed to have him in our family...
my my, little man- you and your stick-up hair certainly rocked our world three years ago! we like it.

(the top picture is elisha laying on the quilt i made for his preschool class project for the school auction... in case i don't do a feature post on it later: i had each child do a drawing w/ fabric markers onto a white square and then i quilted it together with other fabrics. andrew became quite attached oddly enough, and bought it at the auction ... i'm still not sure if he really likes it that much, or just wanted me to feel better about all the time i spent making it ;-)

i really do have lots of posts waiting... we have been going ninety to nothing with birthday celebrating {sorry andrew and otis- i didn't do birthday posts for y'all!}, getting our garden planted, and quilting... speaking of-- i'm off to keep working on the big 3 & 3-0 party i'm throwing for my guys...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

my things have found a home...

in this precious shop! Green Pomegranate is in VIrginia Highlands (a neighborhood in Atlanta) and they just opened another shop in Serenbe. The woman who owns the shop noticed anna's tiny red shoes when i came stopped in back in january. she asked where i got them...did i sell them... did i want to sell them. apparently she has been looking for baby shoes to sell in her shop and hadn't found any that suited her. she loved my designs and so we went from there. i told her that making all the shoes myself was not an option--- luckily she employs a few seamstresses and is having them make the shoes. i spent some time perfecting my pattern and then passed it off and then i just had the fun part to do- pick out fabric!
below are some of the girl's shoes-- aren't they so cute displayed on a cake stand!

the shop is focused on re purposed fabrics... "The mission of Green Pomegranate is to honor the handiwork of our mothers while nurturing the future of our children."

here are some of the boy's shoes ;-)

sorry for so many pictures- i just think the shop is so very cute... and of course the shoes are too ;-) it breaks my heart that anna can't wear my handmade shoes anymore... all that walking doesn't bode well for fabric shoes!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy birthday dear anna

happy birthday to you! we had a delightful day celebrating the glorious morning one year ago that brought us our little anna... what a blessing she has been! here she is pushing her new grocery cart(thank you nana and papa!) with her baby doll (who is indeed wearing a matching dress)... i made the doll in 5th grade and she loves it... she'll kiss across the room to her ;-)
i plan to have a lot more coverage of the party later... i can't get the pictures to upload here ...hhmmm the fact that this one is here is sheer luck ;-)
happy may day!