Sunday, January 27, 2008

here i am @ 3:40am...

home alone... rudely awaken by otis barking a e's nursery door, then running outside to bark some more... quite shaken i check things out (never fun to have your dog think there is something to bark at in your child's room... all is well... i'm thankful to worship the LORD tsebaoth - the LORD of hosts. the Bible study i have been a part of has really been great--studying the names of God.
now that otis is back to snoring on my bed... and the LORD's hosts surround us, hopefully i will join otis in the sleeping/snoring!
being awake in the middle of the night is so lonely.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

these shoes were made for crawling

in honor of little e starting to crawl i made him some new shoes (the pair in the middle are for a friend's nephew)... i think they are so cute! i'm considering making a pair for myself...

now, i hope these shoes don't give him the desire to walk... i'm just barely adjusting to this new level of mobility!

Friday, January 18, 2008

birthday in a box

these pictures are a birthday present for my sister. she wanted me to mail e. to her for the day... sorry, this is the best i could do! (i was so thrilled to wake up and see that e's hair will still stick up sometimes! a little bedhead can be sooo cute!)

enjoy auntie faith!

baby's first snow and some others

so little e experienced a rarity ... a southern snowfall. he instinctively looked up and opened his mouth. maybe it's an innate desire to taste manna falling from heaven... however, living in the city as we do, we were concerned about all the pollutants that might be present in those snow flakes our son was tasting... sad that we have to worry about such things!
there is something about the rare southern snowfall(maybe the same is true for the first snow of the year up north?)... it demands your attention. you feel wrong to be doing anything other than watching the miracle. well, i guess playing in it counts too!
--e also got his first pair of blue jeans today... and maybe a first tooth(it's so hard to tell b/c it's such a small bit that shows up at first).

here is little e enjoying his first snowflakes!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

conquering the world

well... little e has been in one of his poor sleeping cycles. i have many theories as to what is causing this. but when i spoke to my aunt about it she said that it could have to do with personality... that maybe he was going to be like his uncle and father and be off to conquer the world. i was a little puzzled by this--- mainly b/c i don't see my husband as someone who is off to conquer the world... i think of him as someone a little more laid back than that.
in light of that conversation, i certainly had a chuckle today as i watched my little man furiously reaching for... and then kicking, spinning and grabbing--- in other words -conquering --- "the world".... (aka the globe @ his big mama's house)!