Saturday, November 15, 2008

we have a new address

well, we moved into our new house this past weekend with the help of andrew's sweet parents(who are so good at getting things done), my mother who kept elisha while we moved, and lots of friends from our Bible study group... many many thanks!!!
i guess for only having been here for a week, we are pretty settled. we have figured out some of the quirks of our older home(sorry if you shiver while using our guest bathroom-- don't know why they didn't include a heat vent in there?)... some of the quirks are still a mystery- lots of light switches that don't seem to do anything.
elisha loves his new digs-- plenty of room to run around inside. he has been loading his wagon up with various things and then pushing it at break neck speeds around the house. his room still echos a little, but he sleeps well. otis is desperately missing his doggy door, but maybe in a couple weeks we will have a fence up and get him another door. we are going to get the kind that only opens when he is near it so that elisha won't crawl out of it ;-)
i will try to post some picture soon- i'll try to avoid the desire to get things just so before i do, b/c who knows when things will be 'finished'... with the little one on the way i'm giving myself a year to be settled in totally(pictures on the wall etc)

Thursday, November 6, 2008

we found out we are having...

a very modest baby! we went to the ultrasound school to volunteer for students who are learning to do ultrasound scans in hope that they would catch a glimpse of our little one's private parts. well, after looking forward to this and even losing a bit of sleep wondering how it would turn out -- i am very disappointed to be no closer to knowing who is in my belly! our little one had his/ her legs tightly crossed the whole time!
with elisha i just knew from the beginning that he was a boy, and my instincts were correct... this time i am thinking girl- and i am dying to find out if my instincts are correct! don't get me wrong- i will be thrilled either way, i just want to know ;-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

shoe people

a few weeks before andrew and i got married i was moving some of my stuff into what was going to be our apartment before heading to the beach for the wedding week... well some of that stuff just so happened to be a large suitcase plus a huge plastic bag all full of shoes. after hauling them up the stairs for me andrew realized what it was he was hauling... he realized that both of these heavy bags were stuffed full of shoes-- that he was now going to have to help me find a place for. needless to say, he was horrified! he was certain he could could do something about what he viewed to be a huge problem... at one point in our 'discussion' about the shoes he said, " we are not shoe people". at which point i emphatically responded-"yes WE are!" this was something that Had to be dealt with and understood before we said our vows a few short days later ;-)... well the day ended with andrew helping me put my shoes into organizers we had bought at target... he still tries to convince me that i have to get rid of a pair of shoes every time i get a new pair-- sometimes that happens ;-) .... but, it looks like i have passed the shoe gene on to our little one. 2 to 1 this family is made up of shoe people!
e just loves to wear shoes- any one's shoes... and he'll settle for just socks if he has too...
there have been several times that i have gotten him up from his nap and he is trying to climb out of his crib, pointing and yelling to have the shoes from across the room.

he seems to like the cheerful yellow shoes as much as i do! it is so fun to have a little buddy around who likes the same things you do ;-)

Saturday, November 1, 2008


as we prepare to move into our new house (we closed wed. and will do the final move next weekend) my mind is so full of decorating ideas... i'm just flooded with plans of how to turn this house into our home. and as it is a bit(well, more than a bit really) bigger we will need some new furniture. as i am looking at furniture and especially fabric for pillows and even picking out paint colors- i am being drawn to shades of blue like never before! green has been my color- and i had definitely loved reds and browns, even oranges and yellows, but surprisingly blue has just never excited me or drawn me. i know water- the sky- all these inspiring things that are blue, but i have never just loved it for my own use-- until now. i have been pondering this change, and it occurred to me that i finally found my blue inspiration: mister blue eyes himself! don't you love the vintage e pic ;-) he looks like such a frat boy-- he's going to be mad at me one day for all the funny ways i dressed him- but hey, i needed something to giggle at during those sleep deprived days!