Thursday, June 7, 2012

got holes? ... a towel repair tutorial

Isn't it a shame that the towels that get holes are the well loved, worn in, favorite ones? I am pretty pleased to have my nice old towel back in the game... with a lovely addition. It will certainly be a favorite again! Do you want one?

Grab your holey towel...

And some Pellon Wonder Under iron on adhesive and fabric scraps big enough to cover the hole.

I cut my Wonder Under out into two birds(that would be big enough to cover my holes) while I had it folded... so I then had two of each bird, mirrored. Iron the Wonder Under to your fabric and cut the shapes out.

** I used birds, but be inspired by the size shape and placement of the hole/holes you have to cover... you can use design for this project. And, yes, I was laughing at myself and thinking of the "put a bird on it" clip from Portlandia... but what can I say- I like them.

These mirrored pairs are for covering the holes from both sides of the towel.

Peel the back paper off and iron the birds onto the towel covering the holes strategically. Then, stitch around the edges on your sewing machine.

Notice the back side of the towel... you can see the hole and the stitches. Use the stitches to help you line up the other pair of birds directly over the back side of the first pair. Iron the second pair down into place.

Stitch around the edge. I actually like to go around several times to get a flowy movement with my edge line. (I like how it masks any imperfections ;)
Ta Da! Now, if I could figure out how to give second life to my favorite pj pants that are disintegrating!

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Cooper Family said...

Awesome, Jane! I have the same debacle with my PJ pants. The hole is in the crotch so its not some where I want a little applique bird flying around :) Need to keep thinking... let me know if you come up with something??