Thursday, May 31, 2012

celebrating 5. castles in the sky.

We have been celebrating some more birthdays this week. We spent the weekend in Alabama celebrating with Andrew's grandfather (he and Elisha share a birthday... not too gracefully- they enjoy bantering back and forth about whose birthday it is ;-)... Andrew was celebrated on Sunday and then we came home to celebrate Elisha on Monday. We wanted to be home so that he could thoroughly enjoy his gift:

We decided that building a house with Daddy would be this little guy's dream come true. He is always asking us to do projects with him... a number of times he has piled the scarp wood he can scavenge around the yard and claimed to be building a house. Now it is official! In the morning he did a treasure hunt with drawn clues to find his instruction manual... He loves to follow directions (or at least study them with importance), so I sketched out some drawings of the process for him to decipher.

And, you can't get through birthday month around here with out a cream cheese pound cake! I made the bouquet to show Elisha all the flowers that bloom around his birthday. We have some irises that bloom on Anna's birthday and we call them her birthday flowers... As we watch them getting closer to blooming we talk about how her birthday is approaching. Elisha had been asking, "what are my birthday flowers?" ... Well, as you can see late May has many many birthday flower options!

building team making plans

front view

supply list and first steps

door and window detail. more process directions

last steps

I think my newly five year old is looking pretty pleased with our summer project ;)

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Christy said...

This all makes me so wildly happy, I can't begin to tell you! Andrew would swoon over such a gift. What a wonderful idea, and the instruction book will be a treasure forever. Keep posting the pictures - I'm loving seeing the progress!