Friday, March 20, 2009

we're still here

i have been avoiding my blog... i have been so busy round here and haven't been able to keep up w/ all i have to blog about! but here i am and i will breeze through a few of the things i have been busy w/ so you will believe me... below is a lovely silk sling for a friend. hard to tell how pretty the fabric is from the pic... it is iridescent silk w/ copper and light turquoise cross weaves-- so pretty! here are a few of the cloth diaper things i have been working on. i have learned to knit from a pattern and couldn't be more proud of myself ;-) wool makes a great breathable waterproof diaper cover and now our little has several knit just for her! and the cream one is sewn from a handmedown sweater... it shrunk, but we'll get good use out of it!
i am dreaming that this peach tree in our yard will actually bear fruit( and otis will stop the squirrels from eating them all before we do)... our neighbor warned that it may be too old... but it has certainly bloomed for us-- thank you peach tree!

here are some of the daffodils we planted the day we closed on the house... nothing makes me happier at the end of winter than to search the ground for daffodil shoots. elisha and i have enjoyed walking up the hill to smell our happy flowers!

stay updated for my chest of drawers project.... it is finished and beautiful. i am busy at work on quite a few other things too. not the least being the little girl who is filling up my tummy more and more every day! i let elisha watch "a baby story" with me the other morning- kind of crazy b/c he picked up the remote and turned it on and the was a waterbirth. i was worried he might be upset b/c the mother was obviously uncomfortable as she pushed the baby out... but i just talked him through it " look she has a baby in her tummy just like mama-- let's watch, she's going to push the baby out of the tummy and we'll see it... she's pushing so hard to get the baby out... look at that tiny baby-- now they can hold it!" anyway i guess it registered b/c today i was carrying him upstairs for his nap and he pointed to be belly and said "baby" and then pointed to my face and said "push"... i think he's ready to see this baby he has been hearing so much about ;-) well we are too... but still have a good 5-7 weeks.