Saturday, August 29, 2009

while the boys are away...

the girls will... throw a baby shower... and watch a low budget jane austen film. andrew took the boys (e and otis) to visit family and play in the woods. and i helped host a delightful baby shower for my good friend sara- we are thrilled about the little boy in her tummy!

anna helped sara try out her sling

anna and her friend lilly were chatting in the corner... anna was quite the social butterfly ;-)

here are some the flowers...

and here is what they looked like before i had fun with them

Saturday, August 15, 2009

duck... i love you

i only have a minute, plus my brain is trying to recover from being in the car all day w/ my 2 yr old and 3 month old-- they were great... but still. really what made me crazy was the running hyper fellow getting his pent up energy out after the car ride (we have been at the beach). after all that i could handle i stepped outside to catch my breath and check on our garden (lots of zinnias and gobs of basil were picked). elisha came out with me and found one of the "baby duck" toys he has. he then came inside saying "big duck, where are you... where are you big duck??" it was such a pitiful voice... after i handed 'big duck' (his beloved bedraggled can't-sleep-without friend) to him i realized that the pitiful voice was baby duck. elisha was pretending a sweet reunion. big duck and baby duck were hugging and saying, "where were you? i love you... i miss you" i'm still smiling!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


why have i started hearing "why" all the time? isn't my just now two year old a little young to have started asking 'why' ALL the time!? i want to say "because" or "because mama says so" every time, but i know that this is how he learns, so i am trying to garner some patience.... oh boy! i have how many years of this???