Monday, June 25, 2012

tiniest mary janes

It has been a WHILE since I made a pair of my favorite baby shoes... I had to sit and scratch my head for a minute to remember the steps in order. There was a time when I was making quite a few!

A friend of mine is having her third baby, but first girl... so of course I had to make her some absolutely, adorably girlie tiny shoes for her Sprinkle. In our group, you get a Baby Shower first go 'round and a Sprinkle for subsequent babies... I love a Sprinkle. We get together for dinner on a weeknight and eat yummy stuff (more often than not a baked brie is involved) while we share birth stories, and laugh over potty training disasters, and then settle down to finding out what is weighing most on the soon-to-birth mother's heart and then pray for her and her family. It is such a very sweet and treasured time.

But, back to these little mary janes... they are wonderful... they stay on, they are cute, and they are lined with the softest felted cashmere from a recycled goodwill sweater.

I took a few pictures (some very poor quality) of my process... I can write out a full tutorial (and maybe add a few more pics even?) on this if you want me to, but you are going to have to sweet talk me into it ... just kidding, really all it takes is just commenting that you are interested ;-) sometimes I feel like I'm sending this out into oblivion.  And if the pictures are enough to get you started on a pair of your own, I would LOVE to see a pic... tiny shoes just make my day!


Lindsey R. :: LRstitched said...

oh my those are sweet. I for one would love a tute, I have a couple new baby girls coming in my circle of friends. They could use some cute tiny shoes!

Also love the Sprinkle idea!

rachel said...

wow, those booties could not be any sweeter! they look so soft! that's one lucky baby!

jane said...

Thanks, y'all!
Lindsey- when I get back to town after the 4th I'll get to work on it ;-)

jill said...

These are so cute. My daughter is having twins and we are hoping at least one is a girl

Tanya said...

Hi :-), I'm new to your blog and am really taken with all the gorgeous makes. If you do make a tut for these adorable shoes I would be forever grateful! I have a little bundle on the way and I know I would love to make her some of these!!