Tuesday, June 5, 2012

snapshots: an instagram update

I thought I'd give a little glimpse into life here as of late. Here are some highlights from the pictures I have posted on instagram. For those of you who are my instagram friends- sorry for the redundancy!

My father-in-law shared his abundance! This was only part of one day's harvest! I shredded some to freeze for squash bread later, broiled chunks for burritos, grilled halves (tossed with olive oil and salt/pepper), and finished off the last few as battered and fried slices. Yum!

Car quilting... that is why I like road trips ;-)

It is amazing how some bright colored shoes can add a little spring to your step. I've been enjoying the loan of my sister's shoes... she let me borrow them because Anna loved them so much!

Speaking of spring in your step... if hot pink shoes can do it, imagine how thrilling it is to wear this get up!

A family photo op at the water war b'day party. It was a BIG hit. ... with the boys. Anna decided that she doesn't like boys. Considering what a flirt she can be at this young age, I'm kind of o.k. with her current decision and hope she retains it through high school :-)

We have made big progress on our play house... like true Southerners, we prioritized the front porch.

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