Thursday, June 27, 2013

this just in:

Coming soon...

After more than two years of longing for a bigger family, we are THRILLED to announce a new little family member. He/She is just the size of a peach, but is very present in all of our hearts! If I dare say a word about my two children I am quickly corrected by Anna and Elisha that I have three children now! We can't wait until sometime around New Year's Eve when we get meet this little one face to face. We can't wait until next week or so when we will find out whether we are expecting a brother or sister.

Anna and Elisha are now sharing a room-- and loving it! I have bought boy colors and girls colors of gorgeous yarn so I'll be ready start a nice warm baby blanket as soon as we know who he/she is ;-)

Our hearts are just so so full of thanksgiving!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Hen : An Appreciation

Ahhh! E.B. White's The Hen: An Appreciation.  All you backyard chickeners will enjoy his little blurb.

We are eagerly waiting for the days to get longer and longer and our chickens to lay more and more eggs... And I am wanting more chickens. I want to be patient and wait for one of our girls to feel drawn to motherhood... At which point I will sneak some fertilized eggs underneath her and let her do all the work of caring for the babies. But, it is hard to be patient. I am ready for some more bitties!

My mother has convinced me that I must do an oil painting of the above photo... I have decided where I will put it when it is finished, but I have not decided when and where I will do the toxic fume, messy work...hmmm. And what if my paint has all dried up? There are downsides to being an artist of many many varied mediums (as my husband can assure you whenever we try to organize and clear out our basement- my workshop)!