Sunday, October 26, 2008

down on the farm

we went to greenville, al last weekend- andrew enjoyed the opening weekend of deer hunting season and elisha enjoyed pushing a wheelbarrow with nana and riding the tractor with papa john.

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

blowing kisses

i wish i had a picture or video to post of elisha blowing kisses... he has been going crazy w/ it today! it was a bit odd for him to be blowing kisses spontaneously to the salesman we just met at haverty's (who wasn't even paying him any attention)... but what is even funnier is that this morning as we were flushing some poo poo down the potty (you can only imagine my delight at having poo poo in the potty ;-) we were saying 'bye bye poo poo' and he started emphatically blowing kisses to the drowning poop!!!! how hilarious! i'm very sorry that i have written about poop, but i guess you realize that this blog documents a young family, and that is just life as we know it...

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

our unborn

beware: slightly political content...
i am feeling such a burden right now the most vulnerable unspoken for subset of our population... the genocide of our unborn is such an atrocity! a friend just shared with me that 90% of babies with downs syndrome are aborted!!! support groups are closing down b/c there just aren't many being born. we are like russia -they sent their mentally retarded off to live elsewhere, yet we are so much worse b/c we are just killing them off! while they are completely unable to fend for themselves. there are 4,000 human aborted (killed) a day! in the US... this is a blood bath
this issue is so huge, i can't even scratch the surface... especially not spur of the moment during nap time, but i am just feeling so burdened... i know when speaking of the upcoming election and political issues people say there are other important issues that lead them to vote against their conscience on the abortion issue... all i can say is: how are we judging importance? because in my book life or death pretty much makes the cut for extremely important!

but i guess it doesn't affect how much money you have left after taxes to spend on stuff... and if you are claiming the lives of soldiers in iraq(who signed on for the risky job they do) are more important- just look up the stats... the lives of soldiers lost throughout the entire war compared to one year of abortion, you will be blown away. it is time we spoke up for these lives

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


this is how our day started... yes, at one time my recipes were organized into categories-- not anymore!
then we went to a cute kids salon... i realized when i approached elisha with scissors in hand the other night that paying a few extra dollars to go to the children's salon( where they have movies, toys, fun seats, and most importantly stylists that are used to hostile clientele) was going to be worth it... here he is having fun in the car and holding the car but slightly perturbed that the lady keeps bothering him...
here he is holding a comb b/c he kept trying to take hers, but is just using it to swat her away...
notice the arms up while giving her a look...
this is when he started to really take after his cousin and father(who have many childhood pictures w/ giant amounts of hair b/c of their desperate fear of hair cuts). he is calling mama and reaching for me-- this dissolved into crying and climbing out... the haircut was completed w/ me holding him screaming and kicking. sweet liza was unruffled...
this is the rough draft... he was still unsure about being out of my arms. he eventually he calmed down as we colored in the corner. i noticed a few strays and decided to go a bit shorter in the back since we weren't going to be attempting another haircut for quite a while... so after he was totally back to himself we took one last go at it... me holding him screaming- lisa calmly snipping here and there. i can understand how scary it must be to have scissors or noisy clippers right around your face and ears... but come on - it doesn't hurt... it doesn't have to be torture. but unfortunately it was... for both of us!

Monday, October 13, 2008

make someone happy

i think this is sure to make at least one someone happy! i found this at old navy for $15 and as soon as we saw it e starting saying "ee ee oo uuee"... plus he loves bananas... today he got one out of the fruit bowl on his own and peeled it from the bottom like monkeys in the wild do... he really is my little monkey. sorry i couldn't pick just one pic, they are so cute... but you have to pretend that he is making his little monkey sounds while you look at them!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

our little family... growing! you may have been wondering what our sudden motivation to move into a bigger home was... well, we are expecting an addition to our family! i am pregnant... almost eleven weeks along. so sometime in early May elisha will get an early birthday present (and andrew will too). our children will be almost two years apart and we are so excited. we are certain to have a wild time at first, but it will be such a joy to have another little person in our midst... keep us in your prayers!

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here are some pictures from our neighborhood pumpkin patch...
if you double click in the middle of the box you can see a larger version of the slide show (i recommend doing that)