Monday, May 7, 2012

pretty in pictures

I was beyond thrilled when Christina offered to take a few pictures for us to broaden her portfolio. She was so sweet and patient with my kids who were more interested in acting for an Oscar than smiling sweetly at the camera. It is such a pleasant surprise to find such lovely photographs in your inbox when you were certain your kids were never  holding still enough to be anything but a blur! I love that we have their personalties captured, as well as their cute wedding clothes, our new door, and my "Little Folks" quilt (that I have yet to make a full finished post about...).

making serious faces

So So Lovely! Thank you Thank you Christina! I hope your internship with Leah and Mark is amazing and I hope that Atlanta folks will have you clicking away ;-)

p.s. - I think your blog "Home says Hello" is really lovely too!


Sara said...

So precious! The ones on the quilt look like they should be in a magazine! How lovely :)

The Hiltons said...

THese are great! It's like a mini Jane and Andrew :)

Alyssa said...

Fabulous photos and precious kids :)

jane said...

Thanks y"all! I was trying to some frames for them while Michael's was having a sale ... it was frustrating to try to narow it down!

Dan said...

Those are amazing pictures!