Tuesday, May 15, 2012

around here

Around here:

We have been enjoying what remains of our fall planted carrot patch. For those of you who have never grown your own carrots-- this is what they look like all cleaned up... pretty interesting characters, don't you think?

We are thrilled to have a jar of VERY local honey. Some friends from our community garden have bees... We made a trade- eggs for honey. YUM!

We have been enjoying the centerpieces leftover from my sister's wedding. I really love having a little of the beach on my table.

I just love a simple project like this! Denyse Schmidt taught a mini-workshop on making these pieced pouches... not only do they make great gifts, I'm thinking I could use a few more around here for organizing who-know-whats.

Around here I have been wondering why on earth my tomato seedlings have stalled at this point for at least a month. What is the deal?!

Our grass, on the other hand, has not stopped growing! Thankfully, my husband has a fairy princess brandishing her blankie, ever ready to help him keep that unruly grass in check ;-)

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