Tuesday, May 1, 2012

an 'all the way big girl'

Guess who turned three today?!
Elisha has been telling Anna that she is kind of a big girl, kind of a baby until she turns three-- then she will be a big girl all the way.... Oh my! that day has arrived.

Our tiny dancer will have a casual little back yard dance party to celebrate (She is quite the entertainer- dancing and singing most of the time). Parties are nice... but, I think this little girl is going to grow up feeling like a birthday is not a birthday without a mama-made birthday dress. I have been so busy that I decided that I wasn't going to bother with a handmade dress this year... but it turns out I can't let go of this little tradition. This year I even let Anna help pick out the fabric- a darling Moda print by Oliver+S ( it is in the Cape Ann collection).

I originally thought I would do a simple smocked (with elastic thread) top, but then decided on a sleeveless yoke. Well, I was winging it and it just didn't lay right.  So, I moved right on back to plan A. If at first you don't succeed chop it off and move on;)

The elastic smocked top is so easy to do and very wearable. Before I sewed the elastic thread onto the top, I attached the pink skirt... I am so pleased with how the little box pleated gathers turned out with the rick rack peeking out! The criss-crossed straps work so well to keep them from sliding off her little shoulders.

I was going to use those fabulous peach buttons on the back of the yoked top that was scrapped and I just had to find a place for them on the new version. While they are not functional in the least, they are mighty cute.

Here is a little glimpse at how our tradition started: The two year old birthday dress, and...

...the first birthday dress.  Time flies!

Nothing says "all the way big girl" like a big girl bike. We had a nice little pajama ride this morning after she was thrilled with this birthday surprise.

And then we had a little celebrating with her preschool class. And with that our marathon birthday month has officially been kicked off-- one down, three to go!


leslie the young mother said...

Happy birthday Anna! I mean, obviously Anna is precious, but that dress is just beautiful. You are so incredibly talented and I know you LOVE passing on such sweet gifts and memories to your kids :)

jane said...

Thanks Leslie! Means alot coming from you with your fashion background ;) bummed that forgot to call you yesterday, but I'll call soon!

Dorothy Peterson said...

Jane, that dress really is scrumptious! The buttons, the folds, the patterned fabric.... I want one! Love it.

Elizabeth said...

Hey Jane. Do you mind if I PIN this? Such a cute dress.

jane said...

Elizabeth- I would LOVE for to pin anything I have made... no point making it and not sharing ;-)
D- thanks... I want one too... hmmm... might not be that hard to translate into an adult version...