Friday, February 3, 2012

tracing stars

love emblem star from Anna Maria Horner's free pattern 16"X16"
 " The moon mouthing its own name,
the stars tracing on the sky's slate all night,
the lake in a trance,
the sudden heavy rain that believes in the laying on of hands,
and the finch in the jack pine.

The wind fumbling at everything's buttons,
the brook working to tie itself into a half-hitch,
the June peaks tipped with snow, a pentimento of winter--
part of the world's incoherent letter, addressed to no one,
therefore useless and beautiful.
And the finch in the jack pine."

-Chris Forhan's Summary and Invocation

{I enjoy the beauty in this poet's language... but I disagree- the world is a letter, a love letter written to me, and to each of us and that is what makes it so breathtakingly beautiful.}

I took this patchwork block and hot glued it around mat board cut to size and have it propped up on my mantle... why do stars make me so happy?


Lindsey said...

This is absolutely GORGEOUS! I love the idea of matting it and using as art. Well done!

jane said...

thanks Lindsey! making one block into wall art seemed much less intimidating than a whole quilt of these stars!