Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm a homemaker

I don't do the dishes. Really. Ok... maybe every now and then... I rarely clean my house. I am not really all that good at having dinner for my family every night... But I promise I AM a homemaker!
See! I made this lovely little home a while ago and have really wanted to share it here. I made it for Anna's first Christmas and finished it completely by the time she turned one. The idea came to me as I tried to fall asleep on the eve of Christmas Eve. I got so carried away in my planning that I hardly slept ;-) Mind you this was all in the dark of my bedroom as I tried my hardest to get to sleep. I finally made a voice memo on my phone so that I could get the ideas saved and be at peace to sleep... Listening to the whispered (I didn't want to wake Andrew) details the next day was kind of bizarre... crafty creepy. After a bustling Christmas Eve, working into the wee hours of Christmas morning, this darling little cottage took shape.
Can I take you on a tour?
I like to think the front door would be welcoming to a hobbit. The house has different shapes for windows: circle, square, triangle. I was so pleased with how the Folksy Flannel print made a perfect picket fence... and of course there is a chicken in the front yard ;-)
Another chicken lives in the side yard under the shutters that open and close.
Every true cottage has a somewhat wild backyard and this one is no different. The minky fabric adds a nice tactile detail.
The window box under the triangle window is so nice and cheerful... and the precious little fish pond makes me smile... but, the button apple tree might be my favorite.
Can you tell that the door knob is a little bit of bling?
Now, you are welcome to take a peek inside (Beware of the owls in the attic).


Lindsey R. :: LRstitched said...

That is so.dang.cute. The window box is adorable. You put so many great details, I bet she loves it! My little girl would FLIP.

We are AMH kindred spirits. Love all of the fabrics you used!

Emily Steffen Photography said...

Ok...Jane, this is ADORABLE! :) I'm sure your little girlie loves it SO MUCH! I want to play with it and keep dreaming about the creatures that could and should live there! :) So much talent! :) LOVE THIS!

jane said...

Thank y'all!
Lindsey- I certainly am unabashedly an AMH loyal ;-)
I've been considering going to an ATL modern quilt guild go?

Laura said...

Hehehe - thinking about that voice recording still makes me laugh. Anna's house is beautiful. I don't know if I have ever seen the inside in real life. Very cute.

Christy said...

I feel like I got to hear the voice recording, and it was fabulous! The house is so amazing, I just can't even wrap my mind around it. Owls in the attic? Chickens in the yard?? Fish pond???? Utter fabulousness.