Tuesday, February 7, 2012

raining love

 So, it's one week until Valentine's Day and here is a fun little way to feel the love. I am usually pretty cynical about this holiday- too cheesy, too commercialized... and in general I don't care for heart shaped things. But, this year I have made the choice to celebrate love. It is THE most important thing after all. My little children think that heart shaped things are extraordinarily wonderful... so all in all this little craft has been a hit.
banner of love 

I used my 40% off coupon at Michael's to purchase this nice heart-shaped punch(Martha Stewart), then just dug up some old paint chips in the red family and an old book that wasn't worth reading. The kids had a big old time helping me punch the hearts. I took them to the basement and stitched through them on my sewing machine(using red thread) pulling extra thread in between each heart I sewed through... it makes a lovely, simple little garland.
If you are local and want to borrow my heart punch, please do! I'd love to feel like it was being thoroughly useful.

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