Tuesday, February 14, 2012

::right now::

(I always enjoy soulemama's ::right now:: posts, so I'm going to give it a go)
 Right now, I am...

:: chuckling as I remember this Valentine's day attempt at a romantic candlelit meal including our 2 year old and 4 year old.

:: wondering how long my son will be anxiously awaiting marriage. Will he ever think that girls have cooties?

:: feeling happy that I took the time to doodle some valentines along with my children. I had fun following this pinterest inspiration.
:: enjoying the sight of our chickens busily eating our rye grass. And enjoying the sight of our tulips pushing their way up.

:: loving the fact that my husband will brave the cold dark night to shut the chickens up when I forget.

:: considering following my son's excited suggestion of painting the ceiling over our window seat orange... what do you think?!

:: smiling when he tells everyone that when he grows up he is going to be an artist, mechanic, and race car driver.
:: gathering more and more eggs each day as the daylight increases.

:: wearing my velveteen lovelies while the weather allows.

:: listening to the end of Anna Karenina (a free librivox recording) as I sew.

:: rejoicing over the $15 seersucker suit I found at the consignment sale today for E to wear as ring bearer in my sister's April wedding.

:: anticipating the arrival of a shoe order I just placed... I had to order bridesmaid shoes and decided to add these to the cart for good measure (!)

:: stitching tiny hexies together and the lining into my almost completed velveteen jacket (you know, the one Anna Maria Horner helped me make ;-)

:: smelling a handful of daffodils rescued from the cold weekend.

:: rubbing my eyes because it is past my bedtime...

Well, that was fun... I imagine I'll be documenting some more ::right now::s in the future. 


Laura said...

I think a coral orange on the (teeny tiny) ceiling about the window seat would be AWESOME!

jane said...

I kind of do too...and it would be so fun for him to see it happen ;-) i think the next thing on the painting agenda is my basement studio... maybe this weekend! yikes!!

Sarah Barry said...

jane, i'm loving your blog lately and all your creativity! so fun.

jane said...

thanks Sarah Barry! I have decided that it is time to get with it-- I enjoy it, but last year was really tough for us and I practically stopped blogging... I plan to be blogging on a regular basis from now on... i'm glad that someone is enjoying it ;-)

Sara said...

I vote yes on the orange ceiling also!