Saturday, March 20, 2010

around here

:: i am quilting up a storm... the quilt top for elisha is almost pieced completely.

:: anna will walk holding one of our hands and will let go and balance on her own some.

:: andrew has been clearing vines and brush from our yard like a pioneer (and hopefully will come out unscathed by poison ivy- his arch enemy).

:: otis has been chasing squirrels like mad and hounding the chipmunks in the wood pile (while they, no doubt are laughing at how incapable he is at catching them).

:: our dear elisha--- well, he has been running rather high fevers off and on since thursday evening... asking to go night night at 6:00!!! ... refusing to eat most of the time (until he discovered pediapops)... having his first Saturday visit to the dr. where he not only had a 104 degree temp. but also threw-up curdled dairy {we learned the important lesson that diary doesn't mix well with fever... the fever causes it to spoil in ones tummy --- learn from our mistake!} he doesn't have strep or mono or chicken pox... not really sure what kind of virus, but we are now fueled with pediapops and he seems to be on the mend... stayed up until his usual 8:15 tonight.

:: the crib in elisha's room--- empty! he took his first nap in his big boy bed this afternoon... he took a break from his illness to sing and dance, capering about while we put it together in his room this morning. i looked everywhere for our video camera to catch the excitement on film, but it was nowhere to be seen. he said, " i a big boy, sleep in a big boy bed, but not a very big boy, i still need some people on my bed, (as he got 'chick' and 'lamby' and of course, 'duck' out of his crib and put them on his bed before i had even put the sheet on) and bwee bwee (his paci).

:our house-- a complete and total wreck... who really needs a clean house anyway?

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