Sunday, March 14, 2010

flannel love

thanks to the warm weather that is (i hope!) just around the corner, this dress will be hanging out in the closet for a good while. if you are in our area you may have seen enough of this little dress to know that it is one of my favorites! it is a simple "scrappy skirt" sewn into a onsie.( i made the mistake of using a Gerber onsie-- they are just plain crappy) ... the fabric is sooo lovely and snugly. it is anna marie horner's new line of flannel --"folksy flannel"... you may have already heard me mention her name... we aren't friends... yet.... but i'm sure it will happen! i just can't say enough about how thrilled i am with her fabrics and book(s). i will be showing off more things lately made with her fabrics soon.i didn't get a close-up of the dress, which is a shame b/c you will just have to believe me about how cute the tiny orange house applique is on the front. and you should also note the lavender rick rack along the hem... i love rick rack! the shoes are also from anna maria fabric- her home dec. line "drawing room"... i did make them... and with her busy crawling she is destroying them :-(

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Christy said...

LOVE it! What a totally delectable outfit.