Friday, April 9, 2010

"spin baby anna"

i know you saw this skirt in my previous sweater post-- but it deserves it's own! when i first put this fun fluffy skirt on anna, elisha told her to spin ;-) he knew that it was the perfect twirling skirt! she isn't even walking on her own yet, so i think spinning may be a ways off.
"hurray! i love my new skirt, mama!"
the fabric i used for the skirt is from anna maria horner's newest line - "little folks"... it is a light weight, super soft and silky cotton voile. i also made a little hair bow... the fabric gathers beautifully, so the little gathered and twirled rosette on the hair clip was so fun and easy to make. shoes she has on are unfortunately the last ones she will probably get "mama made"... she is just too hard on them now with all her escapades. the sweater she is wearing is so precious... i need to get up some pictures that show off the details in a better way. it has cable knit owls around the yoke. it was so darling, that i was motivated to learn how to cable knit-- not as hard as i imagined (with some good friends on hand for moral support ;-) the pattern is "owlet" and i will definitely be making more... anna will have one in every size !
here she is on the go... she is into everything these days! i really want to do a tutorial for the this skirt... of course, i have become motivated to do this while our basement (ie. my workspace) is a pipe bursted, dehumidifier leaking, laminate floor peeling mess! oh, dear!


Anonymous said...

I have been haunting your blog waiting for a tutorial on how to make this skirt. I already bought the fabrics. It is just so cute

jane said...

oops! so sorry... i have the pictures... i forgot that i hadn't done it... i'm working on it and should post it within the next few days!