Monday, March 15, 2010

the long overdue knit sweater(jacket) post

way back in the summer i started what felt like an incredibly ambitious knitting project... a sweater! but as it was a tiny baby sweater, and the easiest pattern the knit shop sold (just flat rectangles that you then seam together), i felt like i could at least give it a good try... and maybe finish it by winter.

i think the best thing i did was choose wool that i adored. i LOVE the malabrigo brand and especially the mineral red color of this sweater. it isn't your typical baby sweater, but it was something that i was excited enough to want to finish... and the wool was so beautiful and soft that it made the process so enjoyable.
i love that when anna wears this sweater i am reminded of the warm afternoons during our family's 4th of july trip to the mountains... i sat in the rocking chair on the porch and knit away while andrew's parents rocked my baby to sleep on the swing... i remember knitting in the car on the way home... and getting home and realizing that one of the sleeves fell out of the car 1.5 hrs north of the city when i hoped in the backseat to nurse anna... and i remember thanking God when andrew's parents found that lost sleeve on their way home ;-)

in our culture clothes can be so... disposable, we can get them for cheap and then get rid of them when the style changes... but i have really enjoyed the few pieces of clothing that have been expensive in the time invested in making them. so many memories are associated with the article before it is even worn... then it is worn more often b/c it is already a good friend. i may sound a bit crazy speaking of clothes in this manner, but i know some of y'all are nodding your heads!
when i made this i thought of it as a sweater, but now that we have gone whole winter and i have only just washed it for the first time ( after been worn almost every single day!) i think of it as a jacket... you don't wash jackets as often as you wash sweaters ;-) and as it is a fairly thick wool for a baby in the south it has been a wonderfully warm outer layer over whatever she has worn... and with our long cold winter this year-- it has been welcome indeed!
* i will highlight the skirt in a later post--stay tuned ;)
a sweater that just buttons at the top works well for sitting babies w/ chubby bellies and big diaper bottoms. since i'm her mother it is my job to think she is the cutest thing i have ever seen--- right?
ta da!


Mary Beth said...

Jane! I am SUPER impressed. That is a beautiful sweater! And yes, your little girl is such a little cutie! Way to go!

LB said...

well--you know how I felt about Anna's little outfit she had on yesterday, and I love this sweater just as much!! By the way, I tried the wrap during the 5:00 "fussy hour," but I couldn't get it quite right. I am going to have to watch you tube:)

Christy said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. And that wool color really is fabulous. If you open a shop, I will secretly sell Phil's Beemer so that I can purchase all of our clothing needs there. :-)

Brea said...

That's beautiful, Jane!

Joanna said...


I love the sweater! You are so talented and it's wonderful to have that talent shower your children! I made my first one before Baby Luke arrived and he has worn it several times! I love that pattern! What is the name?

Joanna Norvell

Anonymous said...

I am so impressed with your creativity--the artist and the mama joining and thriving. I was delighted to see you demonstrate your baby wrap at Kathryn's shower at Elizabeth Peed's home, and I was hoping to get one for Kate. She is due in June- my first grandson. Of course Anna was decked out that day in her little shoes and pretty frock, and I thought you were the coolest! How can I see what you offer and how to order?
Ellen Royal