Thursday, March 4, 2010

our yoguru

here is another breakfast scene. elisha could live on yogurt alone... but we try to keep him to one a day. and i just got the chobani? brand of greek yogurt at sam's... so healthy!

he had 'donuts with daddy' at school tuesday morning and daddy was so surprised -- he said that elisha is so quiet and shy at school... those of you who know him well probably share our surprise!

i am painting a big boy bed for ole e... i finally found a jenny lind spooled twin bed and am painting red... now if i can make some major progress on his quilt... my goal is to have it finished as a 3rd birthday present at the latest!

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Emily said...

BEAUTIFUL, precious picture of E! I am so excited about his big boy bed, too- I know it will be fantastic. I'm glad to hear about the greek yogurt- I just read last week about how wonderful it is for you!