Friday, December 19, 2008

trip to alabama

elisha wispers "papa" whenever he sees this shirt folded up... he loves to wera it b/c it is like "papa's"... here they are together in their matching shirts.

elisha and his cousin had a great time playing together while we were in al...

they definately ebnjoyd decorating the little cake house that nana put together for them.... well, everyone but elisha decorated-- he just ate smarties and licked icing... which led to a rather interesting nap time. he just turned circles in the pack-n-play. i'm serious-- i went in there and he was laughing and spinning and falling against the side, then getting up and doing it over again--- hilarious!!!

despite everyone involved getting a stomach bug(except e- thankfully) we had a wonderful five or so days with andrew's family...
and baby james barker was born while i was in town! he is the sweet first child of my college roomate sarah (whom i have to thank for my meeting andrew).

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