Tuesday, December 16, 2008

o christmas tree

oops! my pictures uploaded backwards.... so here is our Christmas tree shopping trip in reverse. we came home with a beautiful tree on top of our car.
here is our boy wearing his santa hat in the car on the way home. this is the first picture that elisha "smiled" for-- it is now his favorite thing to do when we pull out the camera. he was trying to take the hat off and i told him to wait and smile for a picture first-- and sure enough- he did!

here we are at home depot with our tree-- it was quite cold so we tried to be quick about it... although usually deliberating over the perfect tree is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

another tradition that andrew and i started a few years ago is to eat at waffle house before getting our tree. elisha was a hit in the empty waffle house we went to last thursday night, and he got a hat... another one of his new favorite things ;-)

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