Wednesday, December 31, 2008

mean mama

andrew may kill me now and elisha may later for dressing him up in his sisters clothes... but i had to see how it would fit! hannah andreson had a huge sale just before Christmas and i got this dress for our daughter to wear next fall( and a matching sweater for elisha) ... i got sizes thta i'm hoping will fit for two years... and i think it will work. the dress will be a tad big(worn over super cute funky fairisle tights) next fall and then the next year- when she is exactly elisha's age now(see why i had to try it on him?) it will fit like you see below- a cute top over jeans... maybe the sleeves will be quater sleeves instead of long- but who cares? he was a great model-- he loves to spin around ;-)
in defense- it isn't even pink... so i don't think it was such a crime!

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