Saturday, December 6, 2008

thanks giving

the Christmas season is here-- but i don't want to miss the chance to cover our Thanksgiving... and some fall stuff in general. we are feeling very thankful these days. our fall was crazy busy-- but oh so fruitful. we are so thankful for the new little life that is becoming part of our family and for God's blessing of our new home --and really how the whole process went. in the past few weeks we have had the chance to start a couple of fun fall traditions...
elisha had a blast helping with the loads of leaves that were dumped in our yard... 'big mama' got him the little red rake and he has really enjoyed it. but daddy's new wheelbarrow may have won the prize for most interesting new yard tool as far as elisha was concerned.
we made little turkeys out of baby/toddler hand prints... i think the grandparents will be as excited as i am to have a new little gobbler every year.
...and those owl cupcakes are just so cute! they are going to have to visit our house Every year!
we also spent time with my family over the break and even made it to the beach. the slideshow below is a recording of those trips:

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Laura said...

Where's the beautiful lake and the house with the gorgeous deck/patio? Is this where your Christmas picture was taken?

jane said...

we celebrate Thanksgiving with my family at my uncle's farm (dorothy's father) -- about four or five years ago he built a beautiful pavilion by the lake.