Tuesday, December 30, 2008

one nap worth

here is what i did during elisha's nap today. i got the idea from a cool blog i read : http://www.ohdeedoh.com/ohdeedoh/inspiration/reader-makeover-the-fisherprice-baby-bouncer-remodel-055042 ... they have multiple posts a day, but some really cool pictures and ideas. i especially love all the diy kitchens they have posted.
i am still figuring blogger out and have posted my 'how to' pics backwards- sorry. i hesitate to even show any b/c i did it so sloppily... but hey- at least this baby girl will have a nice calm background in all the pictures we will inevitably have of her in this bouncy seat... and the nice soft linen will wear better/ wash better and be softer to her skin than the man-made fabric from before which was already full of pills and stains. so here is the finished product- a slipcover that fits over the old bouncy seat cover w/ slits cut for the seat belt. i zig zag stitched around the openings i cut b/c using the actual button hole setting on my machine gives me a headache- beside she'll be sitting on that part, so who cares if it is a bit messy.
this is the part where i tried it on for size and pinned my darts and marked where to cut the openings for the seat belt.
i pinned my three pieces of fabric together and then sewed it inside out.(just look at how the original was constructed when making your own)
i laid the original seat cover on my linen and cut w/ generous(perhaps 1.5-2 in.) margins.

here is our original bouncy seat- cut... not as loud as some, but just not really what i want competing with my daughter's face as we admire her while sitting in it... besides, it's not like she i looking at the animals behind her head anyway!

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