Thursday, May 29, 2008

the first party

hard working boys... being sweet and sharing. when does that change?the mamas with their may babies...
definately a book birthday! -- is there a better kind?

we celebrated on memorial day which was a few days before his actual birthday, but since he was born on memorial day last year it just felt right(i know it may take some people a minute to process that ;-)the weather was wonderful... a lot of our family was able to make it and elisha's little birthday buddies made it as well. the pound cake and peach cobbler was delicious if i do say so myself... and the birthday boy was in good spirits. so other than the moment where he was waving around a flaming finger(note: i didn't include that video) everything went off without a hitch... and even the whole burning candle stuck to his finger didn't seem to bother him at all. he just looked at all of us, as we were frantically grabbing his hand and sticking it in the closest sweet tea glass available, like 'whats the big deal'... holding him is like holding an octopus - we learned that you can't be holding him and be far enough from the candle for him to not reach and yet close enough to blow them out... all of you with curious babies under the age of one, keep this in mind for that first celebration!

this video is so funny to me. it is after the whole candle episode. elisha is looking at the cake and just about to die to get some... how did he get to be so dramatic? i think the pound cake and homemade ice cream lived up to his expectations... at least he told me they did, but he may have just been trying to be nice ;-)
speaking of being nice- andrew asked me if i wanted us to celebrate elisha's birthday as my day... we have a korean friend and in their culture your birthday is a time to celebrate your mother, spend the day with her, make her a cake etc.... i think it makes sense. we definately celebrated e and gave him a gift and cake etc. but andrew did give me a little present(some earings to match the necklace he gave me after e's birth) yesterday morning before we went and sang to elisha... thank you love!


Christy said...

Fabulous video! What a total cutie pie. And that's exactly how I get when cake and ice cream are close at hand. Happy Birthday Elisha!!

PS - 10,000 points to Andrew

The Slagleys said...

Jane- he is so precious! I love his haircut, he is all boy! He was even holding a hammer while he begged for food! I am glad to see that Kate is not the only dramatic one when food is at hand!

Denise said...

Oh what fun we have to look forward to as Mary Selwyn's birthday party is quickly approaching! He is precious. I love the video!

Milla said...

Oh Elisha is so cute. I love the pictures of the party!