Monday, May 19, 2008

library trip

elb and i went to the library last week... while we didn't find very many baby books, we did bring home a handful of helpful books.

- baby read-aloud basics- the stats are amazing... did you know that the number of words your child hears before the age of 2 is a huge determiner of success in school?*i want to add that this is not my #1 goal --it is to give the love of books and learning* this book was great for teaching how to read (and what to read) to different age babies depending on their developmental stage. it also gave some helpful hints as to how to create a language rich home with a "reading nest" and activities other than tv... i am about to start working on a homemade book about e's birthday. they pointed out that homemade books don't have to be elaborate... can take less than 30 minutes, yet will be loved b/c they will fit your child and their world perfectly!

-taming the spirited child: strategies for parenting challenging children without breaking their spirits- i think this book has some very helpful points... you may be thinking "your son is only 1... aren't you jumping the gun?" i am always researching for the next step; i guess i find that it helps me avoid problems before they start (if at all possible) and i have already had some hints that some small spanks to the hand will help with training elisha. well, my 'mother's intuition' is that my son's personality wouldn't be phased by some small spanks and what am i to do? keep upping the ante until i am leaving marks? well- that classifies as abuse, and i am afraid (with the way he already imitates my every move) that it will just teach him to hit... i think it could get a little hairy when i am hitting him for hitting me! ---sooo i am happy to find that there are many methods of effective 'discipline' that i can use raising e that won't send child services my way ;-) .... i love that making sure your child gets a good night of sleep is near the top of the list! --- the whole question of 'to spank or not to spank' is one that i am really researching and trying to figure out---

***-why gender matters: what parents and teachers need to know about the emerging science of sex differences- i haven't read very much of this yet, but what i have scanned looks fascinating - did you know that male and female brain tissue are intrinsically different?!
edited: i HIGHLY recommend this book to EVERYONE. fascinating and incredibly helpful in understanding the opposite sex... and evidence based. the only part i don't like is his treatment of the homosexual issue, i think it was very lacking in scientific foundation etc... i now own a copy, and have one on loan... somewhere.***

i am proud of myself for going to the library instead of's used book section... hopefully i'll return them on time and they won't cost me anything!

-- elisha was having a ball with his friend machen in the red wagon last weekend!--

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Brooke said...

If you make some homemade books that you are willing to show-off, I'd love to see them and get some ideas - or better yet, I'd love to join you on a book-making day! :) Great idea - I had not thought about it before.