Wednesday, May 14, 2008

walk like a man

andrew told me that elisha wanted him to ask what i wanted for mother's day... i told him some things that would be nice. i was so thrilled to have breakfast in bed and a new cushion for our wicker love seat outside... but it seemed that elisha actually had his own idea about a mother's day gift....

he walked on his own for the first time! i'm so glad that he waited for a perfect occasion and he did it in front of his grandparents along with his parents! we were so happy that they got to share that special moment with us.

elisha is an extremely fast crawler so it may be a while before he makes the switch over to walking, but at least we know that he can.

i wish i could post a video of it.... but i can't. instead i'm posting a pic of my sweet boy asleep... boy oh boy is this a rare sight! he looks so precious curled up on his beloved 'duck duck'.

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Brea said...

How exciting! Each milestone is just amazing, isn't it? Welcome to life with a walker!