Sunday, June 1, 2008

sling use instructions -- cradle carry

these are instructions for carrying your baby in a cradled position. this is great for sleeping or nursing babies. you can also do a variation of this with the baby's head away from the rings.
my baby is a bit big for this carry... hopefully i will be able to update this soon with some pics of a newborn (not my own, mind you... not yet;-) start by adjusting the fabric through the rings to make a pocket. have the inner rail(edge) tightened to make a wall of fabric against you. loosen the rest of the sling to make room for baby. you will tighten it to be snug once your baby is in.
put your baby up on your shoulder opposite the rings in a high burp position. from there work your baby's bottom down into the pouch toward your hip, leaving room for his head near the rings.
pull the fabric around and settle you baby in comfortably. (be sure his head is not crunched forward to much and blocking his breathing)
tighten any loosen fabric and be sure to have your baby high up... above your belly button to keep your back from hurting. you can toss the tail of the sling over your opposite shoulder for discrete breastfeeding in the sling! (obviously my baby is on the bigger side for this carry... a smaller baby's feet would tuck into the sling nicely)

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Emily said...

Will you show me how to put Abby Jane in the pouch sling sitting up more? I forget hoe you said to do that. Love you! You and your little man are looking precious these days!