Thursday, May 1, 2008

sling use instructions-- putting the sling on

before you put your ring sling on each time, make sure the fabric is not twisted through the rings. spread the fabric through the rings and be sure to have the edges 'rails' on either side to ease adjustments.
the ring sling can be worn on either side. be sure to have the rings in front and slip your arm through the sling.
pull the sling over your head to your opposite shoulder.
position the rings so that they are just in front of your shoulder - about where you would pin a corsage. you should start with them higher than i have pictured here, because as you put your baby in the sling the rings tend to slide down.
be sure to spread the fabric out and have it cupping your shoulder. this will evenly distribute the weight so that there are no pressure points.

be sure the fabric is spread out over your back and not twisted.
another tip for wearing comfort is to be sure your baby's weight is above your belly button.

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