Monday, March 3, 2008

so much potenial

we are tree people. for so many reasons we love trees. what a well of a symbol... along those same lines... it amuses me that i became so drawn to acorns when i became pregnant....
i have realized that this time of year is no longer miserable for me (well, maybe some of january still is) andrew and i got married during my most dreaded time of year.... late winter. but now i have an appreciation for it and i like the symbolism of it for our marriage. late winter of all times of year is a time of so much potential. everything is at a pause of potential energy until -boom- the kinetic energy of spring washes over everything and stirs up a frenzy.

andrew and i went on our mini getaway trip sat. night to serenbe... it was such a treat, and less than an hour outside of atl! we enjoyed a long uninterrupted conversation on a deep porch swing as the sun set (reminded us of the deep porch swing at greyfield on cumberland island where we honeymooned). we took a 2 1/2 hour walk in the woods ... a couple of deer went tearing through the woods right by us. andrew stopped them in their tracks by making some deer noises and i told him that probably less than 5 % of the people that come to serenbe could do that (everyone was from some part of the atl area). manly, that husband of mine ;-)

all in all the trip seemed like it was sooo much longer than 24 hrs. it was so great for us. and it has been so great to be home w/ our darling. big mama told us that he said mamamama and dadaaadadada some when he woke up sunday morning and looked around the house for us... but on the whole it sounds like he did just fine w/ out us (but the milk was running out so he would've started missing me soon -- big time). it's a good feeling to know that your child can be ok without you... but you also want to be missed... such a funny complexity!


Jean Joiner said...

great post! i went to serenbe on a girls getaway...what a wonderful place!

Christy said...

Wow - deer noises! Very impressive and un-Atlanta-y. I expect to hear a sample next time we see you guys at church.