Wednesday, March 19, 2008

a few randoms

i tend to post in clusters... things have been crazy busy and full of travel and sickness. now that we are home and on the mend i have time to think and blog... and andrew is away for a couple days on business, so with evenings alone... i should definately be going to bed early instead! this is a funny one of the two prophets (elisha w/ his cousin micah). i am going to post more of the pictures from andrew's brother's wedding weekend soon. this is just a teaser. you will get a better view of the cute matching outfits that nana made them.
here is a pic from our beach trip

this is my little egg carton with billions of tiny poppy seeds sprouting! it is so amazing to see the smallest dot fluff out and have little hair-like stems grow out. i have great hopes for summer flowers... we'll see


Jean Joiner said...

you are such a domestic diva with your mini egg carton garden. i can't wait to see those outfits. the look adorable just seeing those buttons! :)

LB said...

Oh, I LOVE the pic. of Elisha in the swing. Such a little stud:)