Monday, March 24, 2008

it's official

if you have been reading this blog and have a good memory, you may recall that i said months ago that i thought elisha was getting his first tooth. i was wrong. but today is the day! it is pretty wild(and oddly exciting) to watch a little bulge on your baby's gum split open and the little tooth start to peek through. i may have grossed you out. sorry. it is kind of gross. but it does make a parent proud!

--ps. andrew saw my blog today and made fun of me b/c i had spelled blog 'bolg' in the title of my other post. i have corrected it now. i promise, i'm not a big idiot-- just a busy/distracted mother.
(and maybe a little bit of an idiot too)

*i'm trying to post pics w/ each post to appease elisha's fan club -- this is one taken at my college roomie's house w/ her dog elle. they were fast friends

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