Monday, March 31, 2008

garden update

i wanted to have a before picture of my herb garden... it tends to get pretty wild during the summer and it's so hard to remember it's tame winter self. i have added much more mulch this year with great hopes of taming some of the weeds that attack it. i have also made a new fence around it with branches from our crepe myrtle. i haven't tied it together yet... so it looks a little messy.
i cut the lemon balm back to the ground as well as the mint, back in january. it is already coming back in full force. perhaps i should have listened to the wise gardener's advice and put them both in pots, as they are very invasive. at least i love mint!
the chives have held up well since i started this garden in april 2006. i split off a few pieces and planted them about 6 in. out.
the lavender is going strong as well. the first year it didn't bloom... but last year it did and it was wonderful! i remember my mother bringing a vase of oakleaf hydrangea, gardenia, and lavender blooms when i first got home from the hospital with elisha. it smelled so good! i cut it back this winter b/c it was leggy. now i'm afraid it won't bloom this summer... i'm crossing my fingers! i rooted some cuttings and planted them 6-8 in. out. i am rooting some more cuttings-- so if you are in the area and would like one, drop by.
the oregano is still there as well as the lemon thyme.

i assume the bee balm and salvia will come back again as it did last year. i will be planting more basil for sure... maybe two varieties. i'm not sure what else.
the sculptures in the back of the garden are from my senior thesis show in college. they are abstract pieces informed by nature. a little odd. very organic. i certainly have no room for them in my house!
during all the yard work we have been doing the past few weeks we have discovered that otis has a favorite spot beside the house. he has made a little burrow under the azalea bushes next to the fence. it must be cool and i think he likes to spy on the neighbors through the fence! it is so cute! it warms my heart and i think it is b/c we had a play house-- well, i think we actually played like it was a hotel-- in the azalea bushes growing up. i spent countless hours sitting in the bushes making mud pies and decorating them with the blossoms from the bushes.
here is a picture of elb for the fan club... he crawling into one of his own little hideouts under the chair. he kind of blends in with his wagon since he wearing red pjs.


LB said...

hey Jane, just wanted to say that Friday would be great. Just let me know. I would love to see ya'll!!! And have actual conversation at my kitchen table, or wherever in the house. Plus, I would love to discuss paint colors.

Christy said...

Oh goodness, Jane. To read this and compare it to my most recent post about my ineptitude as a gardener. It all looks lovely, and your descriptions sound like something from a cozy novel. You're my hero!

Amy said...

Jane, Would you reccommend Elisha's Walker Wagon? I'm considering buying one for David, and wanted to know if someone who had it thought it was worth it. Thanks!

jane said...

think the wagon is a darling toy! i'm a sucker for classic(aka- no plastic or annoying lights and music) toys. its great for him to walk behind... great storage for toys and fun for him to sit in. he got it for christmas from nana and papa john. i say a+