Tuesday, March 18, 2008

blog etiquette???

well, i guess it is not just blog etiquette that puzzles me, but most all techno communication...
take text messaging for instance-- all the tricky abbreviated lingo aside... how does a conversation end? do you answer the question asked and thats that... or do they send a thank you text... do you then send a bye talk to you later text.... it could go on forever. so i generally don't respond unless specifically asked for. but i wonder if i am being rude?

back to blogs--- i guess my main question for the blogging world is this- what is the comment section etiquette? do you respond to comments on your blog? which ones? what should you put in the comment section and what should you email instead?

and another issue-- blog stalking. you know you have done it... and you probably wonder who maybe doing it to you. i've been mulling over this issue of blog socializing for a while and this is what i have come up w/ (feel free to add your own input in the comment section... especially you blogstalkers). if you happen upon someone's blog (usually by following the links off of someone else's blog) -you may know this person, you may kind of know this person, you may not know this person at all... but if you only stumble on it once or very rarely, i think it is ok to just go on about your merry way... but if it is a blog you begin to read regularly i think it is probably good etiquette to leave a comment(it can be about anything). it just lets the blogger know that you are out there... a part of their little storytelling circle around the campfire/computer. it is nice to know who is out there... after all alot of us (the mother bloggers out there) find blogging to be a way to connect w/ people other than the little person pulling at your leg as you type. maybe it is something we do to make up for the fact that we can't walk next door and share mommy stories and other odd tidbits over cheez-its with our neighbor mommies. there really aren't all that many of us out there it feels like... when you look out your window.... but when you look at your friend's friend's list of favorite blogs you start to realize that you life is not so nuts after all... or if it is you aren't the only one... you aren't the only one who thinks a 20 month old's vocab list is fascinating... or a puddle splash worth documenting.
so, now that i'm going for with a late night dramatic tone (i'm thinking of "delila").... thank you all you 'mother bloggers' out there who make up my neighborhood pack.


Christy said...

I have wondered the same things, particularly about whether or not to respond to blog comments. I sometimes do if it's a direct question (and often e-mail my response as well), but I don't try to respond to every comment. The computer can suck away too much time as it is. :-) But I love it when people leave comments ... makes me feel special that someone took the time to look at pictures of my baby and read my self-absorbed entries.

leslie. said...

you caught me! I love reading your blog along with several others of my friends. And while I am not one of your fellow "mother bloggers" just yet :) I'll let you know when i start one for our little fam! Thank you for letting me stalk you and share in your life!
-Leslie Prouty Steel :)

Jean Joiner said...

I'm here reading. :) Love your thoughts. Comments are great. I try to leave at least one here and there when I read someone's blog regularly. Great to see you today at playgroup.

The Slagleys said...

I blog stalk all the time! That is my favorite part of people adding their list of "favorite blogs" so I can figure out how everyone else knows each other! You would be surprised at who all you would stumble upon! I make comments when I have something to say, and I will add, "I found your blog through so and so." I love when random people comment on my blog so I know someone is actually reading what I write!

Brea said...

I tend to feel dishonest about 'lurking' or 'stalking' someone's blog, so I like to make my presence known if I plan to continue reading it. I think it's just courteous, but on the other hand, I guess when one puts oneself out there on the internet, it's really free game for anyone who wants to read it. I do think blogging is an interesting phenomenon, and does create a way for us stay at home moms to connect when we can't leave home. It's nice to be able to keep up with what's generally going on in someone's life, but I try to be careful not to mistake that for true friendship, or really knowing someone. After all, we only put on our blogs what we are comfortable with the world knowing about us. In my case, that's nothing terribly personal or transparent. There's much more to me than what my blog would reveal. :)

j. said...

You are on my blogroll!! I love reading about your projects and your little one!! I still think of you whenever I see beautiful pottery!
Thanks for sharing your life with us!
Juli Chapman

Milla said...

Hey Jane! I linked to this post through Laura Beth... I love it! I often wonder the same things!

I'll add your blog to my list so I won't be blogstalking anymore :). I love your clothes that you make, and your little one is just precious. Stop over and say hello every once in a while!