Thursday, April 12, 2012

proud as a peacock...

...That is what my whole family will be next month when my cousin had her first baby. That isn't really why I put a peacock on her baby sling -- I just thought it would be so lovely... and that is certainly a good enough reason to do something, in my book;-)
 If you saw the flowers and wreath I made for her baby shower you will realize that I was pretty settled on a certain color scheme... coral, pink, orange, and turquoise are getting a lot of play these days.

 I love love love a linen ring sling! I am going to be sure this new mama knows the trick to wearing this comfortably so that she and that new baby girl will be fond of their ring sling days together ;-)

A little touch of hand sewing makes a project feel so exquisite don't you think?

Making a ring sling is not very complicated- there are tons of tutorials online and you can get the rings from Here is a little glimpse behind the scenes of the applique process for the peacock:


lots of feathers!
If you have missed some of my previous tutorials and want to more details on my applique process go here for a blossom and here for a cityscape.


Dorothy Peterson said...

The ring sling sits right beside my bed so I see the pretty peacock every day! I just love it! Thanks for using your creativity to so bless me, J!

The Barkers said...

Beautiful!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the peacock!!