Wednesday, March 28, 2012

::right now::

Right now, I am:

::preparing for a shower to celebrate my cousin's first baby and...

::enjoying our house and yard while it is in entertaining mode; ah! so clean and lovely ;-)

:: crafting something lovely for the expected baby girl and her mama.

:: loving the automatic scissor button on my machine! It was the deciding factor when I was picking my machine and I am so thankful I have it, especially when I applique lots of tiny separate pieces.

:: sharing our leftovers with our hens and...

:: collecting all the eggs we get in return... The longer days are adding up to many more eggs per day- hurray!

:: wishing I had practiced self restraint when I passed the Easter aisle at the grocery store... having a party is too easy an excuse for having yummies around!

:: noticing the signs of lovely spring weather... we are living outside these days!

:: anticipating some summer harvesting... see our tiny carrots? We love them roasted in some olive oil! We have added some metal buckets near our house for planters... we get so much more sun there than in our bigger garden area.

::right now:: inspired by soulemama.

1 comment:

Dorothy Peterson said...

The wreath and door are scrumptious! That green and teal ribbon is like candy it's so pretty. Also, can't wait to enjoy the actual candy in that bowl. :) Thanks for all your preparations!