Monday, April 2, 2012

a Pinterest success

 This is a cute cute idea I found on Pinterest and actually made ;-) Find the original tutorial here.
I made this as a centerpiece/ door prize for our church women's retreat... And have since made a few for birthday presents. The littles think that putting the pencils in the holes is a fun activity in and of itself ... makes me feel like a Montessori teacher ;-)

*This is a project that requires a chain saw... in my world that means this is a project that requires my husband. Be warned ;-)
*Make sure your drill is as charged as it can possibly be, or use one that plugs in... it takes a lot of power to drill that many big holes.

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Susie said...

Keegan made a couple of these last summer... we found them easy and fun, but of course, an 11 year old making them pretty much on his own and making them with little kids is a different thing. But very cute and fun for gifts!