Thursday, April 15, 2010

big brother/sister advice...

.... from a two year old (oh no! in almost a month he will be a three year old!)
over breakfast this morning elisha and i were talking about a friend of his who is about to get a baby sister.
here is our conversation :

me- "elisha, soon claire is going to be a big sister... did you know that she is going to have a baby sister just like you do?!"

e- just kind of nods and smiles while devouring his yogurt.

me- "can you help her be a good big sister? what will you tell her when you see her?"

e-" i say- claire, just hug her."

me- "is there anything else she should do?"


me-" what about if the baby is sleeping?"

e-"be quiet"

well, i think that about sums it up... don't you? maybe e should write a handbook ;-)
i hope that makes you smile.... i'm still smiling and it's past lunch!


leslie the young mother said...

how precious. words of wisdom by it!

Christy said...

Soooo sweet!