Monday, April 26, 2010

nesting... a year later

well, since i felt like i was in labor for a week (although when it really happened it was rather short) i kind of think of this as birth week for miss anna... and i am nesting all over again to celebrate ;-) ...busy making lots of fun things for the upcoming birthday girl and her celebration. i'm sure i'll at least have a few things i'll get around to sharing. and i do have the pictures taken to post a tutorial for the fluffy skirt in the previous post (2 posts ago)... i just have to get it written up, and that certainly won't happen before the birthday on sat, so don't look for it;-)
i will try to get a fairly detailed birth story up to celebrate... and i finally have pictures to show you of an exciting business development i hinted at a while ago... you'll have to wait ;-)
off to work again!

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leslie the young mother said...

I'm looking forward to the skirt how-to! Also, sweet Anna looks JUST like you in that bottom picture. Precious :)