Saturday, May 1, 2010

happy birthday dear anna

happy birthday to you! we had a delightful day celebrating the glorious morning one year ago that brought us our little anna... what a blessing she has been! here she is pushing her new grocery cart(thank you nana and papa!) with her baby doll (who is indeed wearing a matching dress)... i made the doll in 5th grade and she loves it... she'll kiss across the room to her ;-)
i plan to have a lot more coverage of the party later... i can't get the pictures to upload here ...hhmmm the fact that this one is here is sheer luck ;-)
happy may day!

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Emily said...

Happy birthday to that sweet baby girl!! Can't wait to hear more about her birthday!! We'd love to come stick our toes in the Boutwell beach. Mondays and Fridays are your best, right? Tell me what week is good, and we'll go from there!