Thursday, January 22, 2009

consignment sales here we come!

i'm getting so excited about the upcoming consignment sales- spring/summer season clothes are so fun to shop for... and this time i get to shop for girl clothes too! the two sales i plan to go to are the same week- the third week in feb.

Kidsignment- starts feb. 17th-for more info-
this sale is absolutely gigantic!!! so be prepared to be very overwhelmed... you have to really dig b/c the racks are jam packed. it is at the gwinnet county fair grounds and even has a separate building for large toys. the line is long for check, it is crowded... but what can i say- it can be thrill to find all your pjs for a season and spend less than $20. i don't usually find a ton of super cute stuff here... but it is a good place to find super cheap basic play clothes, pjs, and of course the occasional "thomas the train" VHS for pretty cheap. it is tricky to have e with me and i probably won't try to manage on my own w/ two little this may be the last time i come-- we'll see

Boutique Armoire -- starts feb. 19th --- for more info -
i really like this one... they only sell nice brands like gymboree, gap, hannah anderson etc... which means, not only are most all of the clothes really cute, but they are better quality and have therefore held up better through wear (esp. important when shopping for boy clothes!). this is a MUCH smaller sale, very manageable and really not more expensive for what you are getting.

don't miss out- you have to think ahead of the season b/c the best stuff sells at the early sales... later in the season it is everyone's leftovers. so, it may not be warm yet- but get your children's wardrobe ready for the season change now at a fraction of the cost... they just don't stay one size long enough to justify all new clothes!


LB said...

I'm excited too, Jane!! I am trying to figure out how to do this with Ada in tow. Is it worth it to wait until Saturday when the dad can keep the child, or is it too picked through by then?

jane said...

my vote is not to wait, you will definately miss out on lots... you can't bring your kids to the first day(or half day?) of the big one, so don't bring ada then. i just ring the stroller and a baby carrier so that i can put him on my back if he wants out... plenty of treats and distractions, books etc. and then try to focus and be quick. you may wind up w/ a melt down in line- butat least you are surrounded by moms who know how to ignore them ;-) the smaller sale is really easy to get in and out quick w/ a child... the bigger one is tricky.
i would still go late if i had too, just b/c they need a whole wardrobe and you can at least get some basics for cheap.
if you want to go together we can make a plan.

Christy said...

Oh, thanks for the head's up! The Gwinnet one is pretty spectacular, but overwhelming. I'm glad to hear about the armoir one ... sounds a little more managable. :-)