Friday, January 9, 2009

save some $$$

for those of you who don't read my friend laura beth's blog- i'm going to share with you what she just shared... if you shop at publix you can go to this blog -
this kind mama has links to coupons that you can print that match up with the "buy one get one free" deals that publix has (which start over every thursday- i just found out). i looked up the bogo deals for this past week's shopping trip and was sure to take advantage and stock up on things we really use- and i saved $20! now, these coupon pro's save so much more by doubling the bogo deal w/ a coupon(or two) for that product. laura beth has been saving hundreds a month i think and i have been a bit intimidated(the cvs game still confuses me) ... but this lady has made it so easy for-- i can't wait to plan my shopping for next week and print off my coupons!

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