Wednesday, January 7, 2009

100th post!

i don't know what to do to celebrate my 100th post... i guess i'll just say a big whoo hoo- i can't believe it!
and now onto the real business of this post-- brewing... i am brewing a little girl in my belly, and i guess andrew wanted in on the brew action and has started brewing beer in our basement ;-) yes, the super cool bar with the odd bucket on the counter is in our blast from the past, built in the late 60's basement and andrew's first batch of beer is brewing away!
* i thought the basement was going to be my studio... but as soon as the guys saw it they started filling andrew's head with dreams of poker nights and a flat screen tv... luckily there is enough space to share-- and no sign of a flat screen down there yet!

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Milla said...

Ooh... Brad's started brewing with friends from church and would really like to do this in our basement! Seems like tons of work to me... let us know how it turns out!