Tuesday, February 3, 2009

why i love a paci

... not for myself mind you- for my son... he has been a big fan of the paci from the get go, and now we have a very workable situation where the paci stays clipped to his sleep sack that only comes out for sleeping. it is one thing that makes him glad to be spending some time in his crib... he will hang out happily in his crib for quite a while after he wakes up - i guess b/c he loves the quality time w/ his paci and knows that when he calls us to get him out he will have to leave it behind ;-)
but the real reason for this post is that e just fell and took a pretty good bite into his tongue. this is not the first time that he have dealt with a bloody mouth- and the best thing is the paci b/c it soothes him, but most importantly it applies pressure to the wound and helps stop the bleeding. when he almost bit through his lip i was so thankful for it b/c he was not letting me hold anything up to his lip, but the paci did the trick!

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